As they say it, time is money and when it comes to small business and start-ups it’s precious. With so much of efforts that are to be made in the making of a start-up, there will be yet no more than 24 hours and which you need to manage every bit, to cash every moment. While there will be businesspersons who will respond to this truth while some might mess it up all. So if you feel you are in the latter group, don’t freak out! Working efficiently, productively with right approach will sort out every mess. So let’s discuss on some tips that can help you in time management.


Small business and start-up time management tips


Identify Goals and Prioritize Accordingly – It’s very important to ensure that the activities that you are engaging yourself in will support your business both in the long and short run. Your everyday work schedule must practically help you in revenue generation of your business adding to the growth factor. Follow the “to-do list” module of Stephen Covey to arrange tasks based on priority, bringing out the best from your efforts.

  • Urgent and important – High priority Tasks, they should be done right away.
  • Urgent but not that important- Appears to be very important apparently but wouldn’t harm waiting some time.
  • Not important and Pseudo urgent – Most ‘noisy’ of all jobs, no lasting values once accomplished. Pass on them if possible.
  • Neither urgent nor important – Extremely low priority stuff, get them done when you are doing nothing.

Time Management Techniques – Plan your tasks based on Pomodoro theory of Francesco Cirillo or the Pareto principle of 80/20. These are some popular time management models that can effectively increase your productivity besides time management. In Cirillo’s model, you need to segment your work in slots of 25 minutes with a 5-minute short break at the end of each slot. Try setting daily and weekly limit of Pomodoro’s for each category of your work.  Now as the 80/20 rule says it, only 20 % of highly focused work can result in getting 80% of the work done. Focus on that 20 %.

A ‘No” To Unproductiviteness – When you are the boss, you must hold the authority to attend what needs priority. You must strictly say a straight no to any project or task that you feel would not lead anywhere. Learn from experiences it will save your time wastage later on.

Plan Your Days In Advance – Without making any future planning you will be like jumping from one day to another resulting in piling up of work. Try planning your days like:

  • The night before – Take 15 minutes at the end of your day and organize your desk and prepare a “to do list” of your tasks for the following day, a good decompression act; you can head-on start your next day without killing time on planning.
  • Make morning the most productive – Always try to reach your workplace a few minutes early than schedule and prioritize your ‘to-do list’, make your early hours the most productive part of your day.

The Emphasis Lies On ‘You’

At the end of all techniques of time management, it is you who needs to follow these steps. Hence take proper care of yourself, follow a healthy lifestyle, and work according to schedules, every moment will earn for you

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