While we are upgrading to a shared economic culture with concepts of collaborative and peer economy, even our offices are evolving as Coworking spaces. However, for an entrepreneur, the resource that can complement his productivity are

  • A ‘Physical Address’ for working
  • Required Logistics Support
  • Intellectual Community to brainstorm ideas

A shared space by all its means fuses these resources and much more than just the physical configuration of so-called ‘OFFICE’. While in a traditional workplace you have to assign time and effort for maintenance, managing costs and such other trivial issues, the maximum, that you would need as an entrepreneur is your laptop and your determination to be most successful.  Every less important task will be managed by these serviced offices. Let’s see how you can boost your productivity “Coworking” ecosystem.


Productivity in Coworking Space


Maintain a Code of Conduct – A work place must ooze a sense of positivity, the moment one steps in. Your habits must make your working hours productive enough. Since you would be sharing space with others, your actions must not in any way hamper your co-workers. Just as the saying goes ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.

Personalizing your Work Station – Coworking, as the general thinking goes, is a temporary solution for a workplace; the idea though is fading gradually. However it shouldn’t matter whether your office is permanent or not, you must give it a personal touch- it may be a plant or a book or some personal music. Shared workspace gives you room for that personal touch, be it changing colour schemes or interiors. Your personalized office with these customized changes will for sure bring the best out of you.

Brain-storming with Co-Workers – The very base concept of Coworking is to shape a community that will be able to connect, collaborate and create with peers. Exchanging views inspire better ideas. You never know the person sharing your immediate space might be your future investor, a business partner or your potential client. Try bonding up not just as co-workers, but as a team. There are innumerable things that you may learn out from your peers in the learning curve which would make you more productive in what you would be doing.

A Trendsetter in real Terms – 2017 Global Coworking Survey reveals 1,180,000 professionals preferring Collaborative space over “9 to 5” office spaces in present digital work culture. With the right balance between the social and individual identity, it brings out the best in you. Though the above tips will surely help you boost your productivity, Unispace Business Center will work upon making your workstation more than just a desk.


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