The future tomorrow will be sharing more and owning less, it’s an era of the shared economy that will be sweeping the present consumerist thinking off the feet. Consider the services of Uber and Airbnb as platforms that connect service providers and users; an epitome examples of the shared economy. Simultaneously known as collaborative consumption, sharing economy is the trendiest business concept, that grows on the ability (perhaps the preference as well!) of sharing resources rather than owning them.


office space rent


Have you ever asked yourself how full my office really is? Guess it’s a ‘NO’. Most of the space owners waste space not utilizing it to its maximum capacity. Have you ever given it a thought that these spare space can be used to make additions to your revenue generation? Though it’s quite natural for a business to find a place where they can ‘grow into’. But in due course, you end up in not utilizing the whole space to the fullest. Your perfect space may be utilized for some business in future but as of now as you have some spare square foot why not lease those space to others. Perhaps someone is looking for similar space for his business he started on a shoestring budget.  So if you are considering to rent out those idle spaces you can consider the following notions

  • You can rent out your office conference room or cabins or large open area if you have any for carrying out company meeting and workshops on an hourly basis.
  • You can also opt for renting extra desks hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis completely based on your discretion.

There are businesses that need temporary space to conduct their business and these are surely your people.

Providing Provisions beyond Space Solutions

Renting a spare seat is just the half of the story, for if you want to squeeze the maximum profit from your unused office space you will have to hire professional services to promote them. Here Unispace Business Center can help you. If you have unused space with you, you can lease it to us and we will arrange for the required infrastructure and give it the shape of a serviced office. The bonus is you need not invest a single penny except earning from it. For example, we will dress up every conceivable technology enhancement, including large High-definition flat screens, PC projection, and wireless high-speed internet access. We can even make arrangements for handling the secretarial services as well.

Following are the benefits that you will have if you lease out your space with us:-

  • You can get a free listing of your office space on our website.
  • We will take care of all the rentals contracts deposits and payments, you would not have to worry a bit about them.
  • Since the demands of flexible working space are on the rise you can have an extra source of income without being locked into long-term leases.
  • With Unispace Business Center it will always be at your discretion how much space you want to lease.

Reaching Out the Renters

Though you can easily go for promoting your unused spaces through electronic mediums that would involve tedious tasks of finding tenants, verifying them, making the deals and all such kinds of stuff. If you get tied up in such stuff then who would do your job? So consider our services at Unispace Business Center and earn from your business space as serviced offices. There will be virtually no effort involved on your part. No matter what you have an empty desk or a vacant office in your building, or your apartment, don’t let it sit without making it earn for you. After all, a full office has a better impression than one that is half full!

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